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Anilraj Kumar  in 2012

Anil Kumar Sarawata English (Air Prince Sarawata) Born on 31 of August 1993 in a middle class family in Kharwa Village of Alwar District, Rajasthan (India). I am the second child of my family after my elder sister. In age 16, I entered in my education career with science stream after complete my elementary education with my best friend Mr.Suresh Chand Morodia and became a student of mathematics and science and started writing small blogs.

I always interested to reading, mostly books like novels, facts, knowledge books. I was a closest friend of Dr. Lina Bell after 18. I debuted my life in computer science engineering along with my science career from Rajasthan Technical University.

I wrote the first book My Dream Girl (The remember of Dr. Princess Lina Bell) and One More Them ( The remember of my sister, my friend) in my engineering life and awarded with Honors Degree by the president of SIT in 2014. I started my career with Tech Mahindra (IT Services, Outsourcing & IT Consulting) as a Computer Science Engineer since 2015.

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